About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2016, BFI is the first business incubator and accelerator in the MENA region that provides creative professional solutions and services to fashion startups. It is the bridge between creative design and business enterprise.

BFI offers fashion entrepreneurs practical training through hands-on mentorship, workshops, focused seminars and access to a network of resources and strategic partnerships. In addition, BFI supports established fashion businesses and the community by offering focused solutions and resources to advance and enhance their product lines.


To make a meaningful economic impact to the economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region by nurturing and strengthening fashion entrepreneurs and establishments. BFI provides technical product development, business tools, global fashion network connection and access to funds to entrepreneurs and start-ups so they can create innovative viable brands, build capacity and launch globally competitive businesses. Ultimately, building a thriving fashion eco-system in the region.

Idea & Design Assessment

Draw from inspiration an idea or concept that meets the themes set in the program, has clear customer target and offering (e.g. casual, athleisure, party etc.) and will potentially have commercial appeal

Design Sketch

Designers to choose colour chart, material and propose size variation.

Pattern Making

Develop design patterns manually and CAD.

Produce Gold Sample

Integrate material into the design and ensure accurate fit sample.  It’s the sample where are issues related to design and production are fixed.

Size Set Sample

Produce sample for each size variation

Define Production Sample

Develop clear production sample order sheet for each size variation with clear description and instructions.

Develop Sales Sample

It’s the high-quality perfect sample that will be used in photoshoots presented to judges and potential buyers and featured on the runway.

Runway Show

Final live presentation of the collection to the media, buyers, consumers and industry followers.