Are You The
Next Dilmun Star?

The 9 month highly competitive program aims to instill
requisite product development skills and basic
business acumen in fashion designers and
would-be fashion entrepreneurs.
  • – To educate the potential startup candidates with ideas
  • that could go global
  • – Create awareness about the dynamics of fashion
  • world
  • – To nurture creative talent in the region


Collection should incorporate the Kingdom of Bahrain’s long-standing heritage from history, culture, geography or environment.


Develop innovative ways to create products that are environmentally friendly in terms of manufacturing, materials, usage or impact


Incorporate the use of technology in design and product development as a tool and to transform apparel to the effective value-added product to the consumer.


  • – One on one mentoring by expert fashion and product designers
  • – Business knowledge from international experts
  • – Daily access to experienced technicians
  • – Focused workshops and seminars
  • – Accessed Laser cutting and 3D printing technology
  • – Studio space


  • – Bahraini Residents or able to Attend IN PERSON 20 hrs/week
  • – Attend all workshops, lectures and practical sessions
  • – 18 years of age or older by the application deadline date
  • – Knowledge or inclination in fashion is preferred
  • – Dynamic and Enthusiastic


  • – Fill out the application form
  • – Complete an interview with Bahrain Fashion Incubator Representative
  • – Submit BD 500 deposit fee towards the program to be refunded upon successful completion of the program

Ready to Begin Your Fashion Journey?

Idea & Design Assessment

Draw from inspiration an idea or concept that meets the themes set in the program, has clear customer target and offering (e.g. casual, athleisure, party etc.) and will potentially have commercial appeal

Design Sketch

Designers to choose colour chart, material and propose size variation.

Pattern Making

Develop design patterns manually and CAD.

Produce Gold Sample

Integrate material into the design and ensure accurate fit sample.  It’s the sample where are issues related to design and production are fixed.

Size Set Sample

Produce sample for each size variation

Define Production Sample

Develop clear production sample order sheet for each size variation with clear description and instructions.

Develop Sales Sample

It’s the high-quality perfect sample that will be used in photoshoots presented to judges and potential buyers and featured on the runway.

Runway Show

Final live presentation of the collection to the media, buyers, consumers and industry followers.

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