Community Outreach Program


BFI believes strongly in engaging with the community to enhance the learning and knowledge of individuals, craftsmen and industry. BFI has already volunteered its services to:

KHATWA Program

Khatwa (the Step Program) is an initiative supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development under the Productive Families Scheme to empower the young and women who are wishing to launch small home-based businesses.

BFI is mentoring a group of productive families to develop marketable products by providing focused training and qualification consulting to build entrepreneurial capability.

Bahraini Weavers Initiative

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a strong heritage in weaving which is survived today by a small community in the village of Bani Jamra. The traditional textiles are known for their unique designs, sophistication and variety.Realising this, BFI is working with the community and representative institutions to position this heritage in the modern world. BFI is investigating ways in which conscientious designs utilising the Bahraini weaving craft could have different applications that will transform into viable products with potential markets.

BFI aims to create positive change by finding new meanings for respect of traditional craft within urban society. We can use design as a vehicle to bridge traditional fabrication with urban application in order to save this cultural heritage while providing the community with sustainable income.

BFI will work with the weavers to:


  • Introduce new materials
  • Merge tapestry with weave to create sophisticated variety in weaving
  • Bring a fresh interpretation of the traditional craft
  • Create contemporary patterns and graphics inspired by the heritage Potential products:
  • Life style products
  • Modern fabric for ethical fashion brands
  • traditional textiles to fit within the modern consumer world
  • create a new ecosystem that connects the artisans with a wider consumer audience
  • bespoke woven prototyping and sampling for architecture and interior companies.
Idea & Design Assessment

Draw from inspiration an idea or concept that meets the themes set in the program, has clear customer target and offering (e.g. casual, athleisure, party etc.) and will potentially have commercial appeal

Design Sketch

Designers to choose colour chart, material and propose size variation.

Pattern Making

Develop design patterns manually and CAD.

Produce Gold Sample

Integrate material into the design and ensure accurate fit sample.  It’s the sample where are issues related to design and production are fixed.

Size Set Sample

Produce sample for each size variation

Define Production Sample

Develop clear production sample order sheet for each size variation with clear description and instructions.

Develop Sales Sample

It’s the high-quality perfect sample that will be used in photoshoots presented to judges and potential buyers and featured on the runway.

Runway Show

Final live presentation of the collection to the media, buyers, consumers and industry followers.