Master Classes and Knowledge Development


Master classes and workshops that address different topics in fashion are offered as part of the pre-incubation program and is also open for the public for a fee paid in advance.

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Origami in Fashion

3 days’ workshop covered by Shingo Sato Master of Transformational
Reconstruction school

  • Volumes integration on the skirt
  • TR Draping twisted
  • TR Draping basic
  • TR Draping-sash integration
  • Balloon technique
  • Box integration-optical illusion
  • Sleeve transformation
  • Origami bamboo technique

Fast Track your Fashion Business

3 days’ workshop covered by Guisy Cannone CEO of Fashion Technology Accelerator Italy and Marco Filocamo Head of Startups Fashion Technology Accelerator Italy

  • How to set up a Business in the fashion industry
  • How to develop the business model
  • Digitalize your business
  • E-commerce all you need to know and do
  • Create a landing page
  • Customer relationship management and marketing automation
  • Business plan and financial analysis
  • Fundraising strategy

To be a Boss

Workshop on Building Business Confidence to be offered by Elaine Gold Co-founder and Global Advisor to the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Des Christofi Managing Director of Accelerate Development Tracy Pryce advisor to National Education Councils and Industry Advisory Groups

  • Self-Belief and Legitimate Confidence
  • Ability to Manage Tensions
  • Ability to Optimize Strengths
  • Training and Development
  • Self-Awareness
  • Clarity in Vision and Direction
  • An Enabling Environment
  • Active Brand/Reputation Management

Tax and its Implication

1-day workshop covered by Dr. Tarek Haikal Financial Management

  • What is VAT?
  • Type of supplies
  • VAT accounting and calculation
  • Administration and registration procedures
  • VAT planning and implementation
  • Advanced issues

To the Runway

1-day workshop covered by Ali Sharaf, Award Winning Photographer

  • Studio lighting
  • Posing
  • Creative direction
  • Editorials and campaigns
  • Fashion photography
  • Retouching before and after
  • Social Media


1-day workshop covered by L’ORÉAL makeup Experts

  • Definition of the make-up, why we are using it, the physical side aspect of makeup.
  • Products in general (expire dates, stocking of products)
  • No makeup looks
  • Daytime look
  • Evening makeup
  • Catwalk makeup
  • Red carpet makeup
  • Make Up for: Color photo shoots (indoor and outdoor) Monochrome, TV
Idea & Design Assessment

Draw from inspiration an idea or concept that meets the themes set in the program, has clear customer target and offering (e.g. casual, athleisure, party etc.) and will potentially have commercial appeal

Design Sketch

Designers to choose colour chart, material and propose size variation.

Pattern Making

Develop design patterns manually and CAD.

Produce Gold Sample

Integrate material into the design and ensure accurate fit sample.  It’s the sample where are issues related to design and production are fixed.

Size Set Sample

Produce sample for each size variation

Define Production Sample

Develop clear production sample order sheet for each size variation with clear description and instructions.

Develop Sales Sample

It’s the high-quality perfect sample that will be used in photoshoots presented to judges and potential buyers and featured on the runway.

Runway Show

Final live presentation of the collection to the media, buyers, consumers and industry followers.